Nancy Z Hartung portrait

Nancy Z Hartung

Emeritus Professor, Adjunct Faculty
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
OWS 358
(651) 962-5226
Toll Free
(800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-5226
OWS 352
University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Ave.
Saint Paul MN 55105

Professional Interests

  • Faculty development
  • Cognitive development and collaborative learning
  • The effects of transposable elements on quantitative traits

Recent Publications 

  • Chaplin S., Hartung N. (2012) Integrative Biology: A capstone course for an introductory Biology core. Journal of College Science Teaching 42: 32-40.
  • Enfield, F.D., Nancy Hartung , and S.H. Hefeneider.1975. Sex differences in gene expression for pupa weight in long term selected lines of Tribolium. Canadian J. Genetics& Cytology.
  • Hartl, D.L. and Nancy Hartung. 1975.  High frequency of one element of segregation distorter in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster. Evolution29:512-518.
  • Hartung, Nancy Z. and F.D. Enfield. 1980.Non-allelic interactions in long term selected populations of Tribolium castaneum. Genetics 94: s42 (abstract).
  • Silverman, W., Nancy Hartung, J. D. Kramer, and J. Hayes.1988.  A program to familiarize premedical students with their proposed career choice. J. of College Science Teaching. (Sept.). 41-44.

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