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BCHM 302 - 01 Biochemistry Seminar Series 2 - - - - F - - 1215 - 1320

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1215 - 1320


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Justin J. Donato

This sequence of courses is begun the first semester of the junior year and progresses for a total of two semesters. The first (301) course is two credits and is graded on the usual letter grade scale. The second course (302) is no credit and is graded on a pass-fail basis (S/R). The first course (301) is an in-depth investigation of selected current topics in biochemistry designed to develop critical scientific reading, writing, and presenting skills while exploring biochemical primary literature. The subject matter will vary from year to year and will be announced in the annual Class Schedule. The class will meet for one and a half hours once a week with evaluation based upon in-class discussion and quality of written and oral assignments. The second course (302) is a requirement whereby students must attend Biology and Chemistry departmental seminars. Required of all Biochemistry majors. Prerequisites: CHEM 202, completion of, or current enrollment in BIOL 209

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