Napkin Dispensers

The napkin dispensers in Scooter's and T's are available for reservation to advertise upcoming programs, initiatives, etc. Reservations can be made for both locations for two weeks at a time. To inquire about availability, please fill out the napkin dispenser advertising request form. Tommie Central staff changes out the napkin dispensers each Monday and Friday morning. Inserts must be dropped off at Tommie Central at least 24 hours in advance of the reservation to ensure they are put out on time.

 The following locations are available for napkin dispenser advertising:

  • T’s – 85 Napkin Dispensers
  • Scooter’s – 55 Napkin Dispensers

 Napkin Dispenser inserts should be 6.5” by 4.25” (Horizontal/Landscape). An electronic copy of the insert should be sent to prior to printing the inserts for review by a staff member to avoid any issues with readability or content. After reviewing the electronic copy, a Tommie Central staff member will let you know the design is ready for printing. Tommie Central does not provide printing service. Copy paper or card stock are acceptable for inserts.

Designs for Club or Organizations need to be approved through Campus Life before they can be put on display in the napkin dispensers.