Atrium Banners

University of St. Thomas recognized student clubs and organizations, departments, and offices may reserve space to hang a banner advertisement in the ASC atrium through the Department of Campus Life (ASC 325). Banners may be displayed for a maximum of two weeks prior to a specific event or for two weeks for general announcements based on availability. All events must be approved before banners will be displayed. Banners may be constructed with materials in the Program Resource Room (ASC 316) and cannot exceed dimensions of 3' horizontally by 6' vertically. Banners require two inches of blank space at the top and bottom for hanging materials. Prepared banners should be dropped off in Campus Life prior to the beginning of the reservation. Banners must be picked up from Campus Life at the end of the display period.

St. Thomas departments and offices can request an atrium banner to be made by the Program Resource Room student employees. To have a banner made, a reservation for banner space in the atrium must have been previously made with Campus Life. The request form should be completed at least one week prior to the space reservation. Banners will be taken to Campus Life after completion, unless noted otherwise. If you have any questions concerning the process for submitting and atrium banner request, please contact the Program Resource Room Coordinator at