Change Your Perspective

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a diverse array of study abroad opportunities. From studying organic chemistry in Rome to examining the economic impact of Brexit in Northern Ireland, students have the opportunity to open their minds to new perspectives and ideas. Whether you are traveling abroad for a semester, or for a few weeks, you will explore new cultures and experience invaluable moments that will stick with you forever.

Check out a sample of our robust offerings for study abroad below. For more information about additional opportunities, please check out the Office of Study Abroad website.

Located near the center of Rome and Vatican City, the Bernardi Campus provides its scholars with endless opportunities in the Eternal City. The Bernardi Campus serves as the home away from home for St. Thomas students as they study a diverse offering of courses. From organic chemistry to philosophy, the Bernardi Campus helps students to immerse themselves in the rich history of Rome while staying on track to graduate from St. Thomas.

Designed for first-semester sophomores, the Rome Empower Program intersects the classroom with the real world. Site visits, weekend excursions and cultural events immerse you in a new culture and broaden your perspective on the world, bringing relevance to the classroom and allowing you to think across disciplines. Plus, the program will ensure you stay on track for graduation while studying abroad, and accepted priority deadline applicants receive a $2,000 Bernardi Rome award to offset additional expenses like airfare and meals.

Study abroad goes beyond experiencing a new culture, though. Our new Awakenings program will add a service component to a student’s time in the Rome Empower program so they can apply their experience, knowledge and skills to issues in their local community. Students will participate in additional discovery and reflection sessions upon returning to campus to start making a difference in the community. So, when students return from the Rome Empower program, they will apply their experiences to the local community around them.

More information regarding the Bernardi campus, coursework and application requirements can be found here.

By living at the Bernardi Campus in the heart of Rome, you will be immersed in the language and life of a culture other than your own. You will study the historical significance of the ancient while examining and appreciating how Catholic culture and 2,000-year presence of the Church have shaped much of Rome’s contemporary life.

This study abroad opportunity supports and encourages the enrichment of your faith through worship, service to the poor and the Catholic community among its students. All students take courses at the Dominican Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (The Angelicum). Courses, offered in English, are especially suited for our interdisciplinary program and some include lectures at actual sites in the city.

More information about application and eligibility requirements can be found here.

Designed for first-year students, this course acquaints students with the contents of the Bible and Christian history, especially in the context of the Catholic tradition. Through careful reading of a core of common texts, site visits, guided tours and written assignments, students are expected to attain a basic understanding of human experiences as interpreted by major areas of Christian theology.

More information about Theology 101 in Rome can be found here.

January term and summer programs offer an intensive experience to fully immerse yourself in course content within a shorter period of time. The College of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of short-term opportunities that span the disciplines within the College. You can study humpback whales in Hawai’i, track the Greek myths of Amazon warriors, examine the relationship between biology and economics in Botswana and so much more! Examples of short-term opportunities are below.

  • The British Roots of American Journalism: Fulfills COJO 330 - Communication History (Link)
  • Economy of Australia: Fulfills ECON 346 - Country and Area Studies in Economics (Link)
  • Amazons and Wonder Women: The Classical World in the Modern Imagination: Fulfills ENGL 297 - Topics (Link)
  • Field Methods and Sustainable Energy Use in Iceland: Fulfills elective requirement for Geology and Environmental Science majors (Link)

Embedded study abroad courses allow students to prepare for their trips with rigorous in-person content and training, followed by a life-changing excursion to another part of the world. You can explore the economic impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland, analyze the relationship between culture, politics and economics to how the Catholic Church understands integral human development and much more. You will learn to broaden your horizons intellectually and culturally with these unique offerings.

  • Church and Culture: Mexico City: Link
  • Economics, Politics and Brexit in Northern Ireland: Link