Research in the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences actively encourages faculty and students to collaborate on a variety of impactful research projects. Whether you are studying antibiotic-resistant bacteria or the impact of policies on different communities, we are confident you will find a faculty member in the College who shares your passions and interests.

Photo of mentor/mentee that collaborated on research

History - Disruption in the Delta: How the Lack of Government Oversight Harmed African Americans in the Mississippi Delta

As part of the Excel! Research Scholars program, Bontu Gemeda '19 and Dr. David Williard focused on state and government policies in Mississippi and the impact they had on African-Americans after Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark 1954 U.S. Supreme Court case declaring segregated schools unconstitutional. The St. Thomas Newsroom discussed their research with them in October of 2018.

Alex Kopel - Center List - Research 1
Dr. Scibora with student

Health and Exercise Science - College Students and their Cell Phone Use

Chris Hornung '18 researched how college students, especially those at St. Thomas, use their cell phones throughout a normal day under the mentorship of Dr. Lesley Scibora in Health and Exercise Science. Chris has posted his findings on a blog called "Tommies Unplugged" through the Wellness Center. The Newsroom interviewed Chris and Dr. Scibora about their partnership.

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Photo of Dr. Lorah with students conducting research

Geography - Using Drones to Generate New Data for Conservation Insights

Paul Lorah, Alice Ready and Emma Rinn of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies just published a paper titled "Using Drones to Generate New Data for Conservation Insights" in the International Journal of Geospatial and Environmental Research. The paper was based on a project conducted for the Minnesota Nature Conservancy. It focused on collecting, processing and analyzing drone acquired images to help understand how topography influences prairie fires. 

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Photo of Gerald Schlabach and Andrew Birrenbach for CAS Research hub

Theology - Pacifism and Just War Theory

Andrew Birrenbach and Dr. Gerald Schlabach are collaborating on a research project focusing on Christian pacifism and just war theory. They are particularly interested in understanding how early Christian thinkers who were initially pacifists came to adopt a just war doctrine

Gerald Schlabach and Andrew Birrenbach - Center List - Research 4

Geology - Tectonics of Southern Mongolia

Dr. Melissa Lamb has been working to unravel the complex geological history of southern Mongolia. Centered in the middle of the Earth's youngest continent, Asia, this region serves as a natural laboratory to test models of continental growth and plate tectonics. Shut off from western scientists for much of the twentieth century, Mongolia has become the site of considerable research. Dr. Lamb has taken several St. Thomas students into the southern Gobi desert to do basic geological field mapping, stratigraphy, and geochronology, in an effort to begin to understand the tectonics of this complex region.

Beka Poier, Dr. Badarch (Mongolian Academy of Sciences) and Dr. Lamb in the Gobi. - Center List - Research 5