"This will not be forgotten, folks": How Alleged Sexism and Harassment Mobilized a Movement in West St. Paul

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Join us for an evening panel discussing how sexism and harassment in West St. Paul created a movement.

Date & Time:

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


3M Auditorium

Owens Science Hall (OWS)

As part of its SOLV initiative, join the College of Arts and Sciences for a panel discussion about sexism and harassment started a movement in West St. Paul. The panel will consist of community leaders in West St. Paul, and they will discuss the impacts of this movement on them and the community-at-large. 


Jenny Halverson, Mayor of West St. Paul

Mayor Halverson was the first woman to serve as mayor of West St. Paul. She was elected in 2016 after serving on the city council since 2013.

Wendy Berry, Councilmember in West St. Paul

Wendy believes West St. Paul is an incredible community with so much to offer. She also believes it is time for everyone to have a bigger voice, bringing more perspectives to the table that accurately represent the population of the city. She ran for city council because she cares what happens in West St. Paul, and wants to represent the people who live there.

Katie Dohman, Co-Founder of Women of West St. Paul (WoW)

Katie co-founded Women of West St. Paul (WoW) to talk about the current state of local politics and how that could be reflecting some of the things been seen on the national stage, ultimately leading to conversations about women in West St. Paul can create change in their community.

About the SOLV Initiative

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