Courses that Fulfill Core Requirements

Many art history courses fulfill several parts of the core curriculum, including the Fine Arts requirement, the Human Diversity requirement, and Writing Across the Curriculum.  Check the table below for which requirement(s) a course meets.

ARTH Title

Fine Arts Requirement

Human Diversity Requirement

Writing Across the Curriculum Requirement

110 Introduction to Art History x x  x (writing intensive)
250 Museum Studies: Exhibitions, Collections, Structures x    x (writing intensive)
251 Museum Studies: Trends, Practices, Visitors x    x (writing intensive)
260 Women in Ancient Art x x  
265 Art of Mesoamerica x x  x (writing intensive)
270 Pacific Art x x  
275 Buddhist Art x x  
280 Sacred Architecture x    
282 American Architecture x    
284 African Diaspora & Afro-American x x  
285 Africa x x  
291 Topics in Non-Western Art x x  
305 Greek Art & Archaeology x    
310 Roman Art & Archaeology x    
321 Modern Mexico x x  
323 Colonial Art of Latin America x x  x (writing intensive)
328 Chinese Sculpture and Architecture x x  
329 Chinese Painting x x  
330 Churches & Mosques x    
335 Cathedrals, Monasteries, Caliphates x    
339 Western Costume's Design x    
340 Southern Renaissance x    
345 Baroque and Rococo  x    
351 Romanticism to Impressionism x    
352 Art in the United States x    
356 Modernism in Europe x