Dr. Dell Upton presents 'Sacred Histories'

Sacred Space: 2016-2017 Department of Art History Speaker Series

Date & Time:

Friday, October 7, 2016
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM


O’Shaughnessy Educational Center Auditorium

Please join us as Dr. Dell Upton, Professor of Architectural History at UCLA, presents ‘Sacred Histories.’

Dr. Upton's talk is the keynote address for the Seventh Annual Art History Graduate Student Research Symposium, Sacred Space.

In the U.S. South, sacred landscapes, in the sense of sites of formally religious events or pilgrimages, are rare, at odds with the dominant evangelical Christian culture of the region. But there are extensive, overlapping, sometimes conflicting, sacred landscapes tied to the region’s historical past. At first glance, the sacred and the historical appear to be at odds – the one enduring and mystical, the other contingent and manifest. This talk will consider the conjunction of the historical and the sacred in individual and collective experience. 

Dell Upton is professor of architectural history in the Department of Art History at UCLA. He is a historian of U.S. and world architecture and cities whose recent work has focused on African-American architecture and landscapes in the American South. Upton’s most recent book, What Can and Can’t Be Said: Race, Uplift, and Monument Building in the Contemporary South, appeared last fall.

Image: Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery Memorial (C J Howard, 2014), Alexandria VA, photograph by Dell Upton

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