Dr. Bryan R. Just presents 'Exhibiting Art of the Ancient Americas: A Candid Look'

2018-2019 Department of Art History Speaker Series

Date & Time:

Friday, March 1, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM


O'Shaughnessy Educational Center (OEC) Auditorium

Bryan R. Just specializes in ancient Maya art history and hieroglyphic writing. His curatorial responsibilities at the Princeton University Art Museum, however, encompass the entirety of the indigenous Americas, spanning some 5,000 years and artistic production from the southern cone of South America to the Bering Strait. 

Exhibiting Art of the Ancient Americas: A Candid Look

This talk will reveal some of the challenges and prospects of developing exhibitions of indigenous art of the Americas in the 21stcentury. Dr. Just will consider three exhibitions he has worked on over the past decade: Gifts from the Ancestors: Ancient Ivories of Bering Strait (2009); Dancing into Dreams: Maya Vase Painting of the Ik’ Kingdom (2012), and Worlds Within: Mimbres Pottery of the Ancient Southwest (forthcoming, 2019). Each project was complicated by issues of patrimony, ‘looting,’ and the ethics of display, but in rather different ways particular to the original context of the subject material and the circumstances of its reemergence from the ground.

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