Mission Statement

The Master of Arts in Art History program at the University of St. Thomas prepares its graduate students for the variety of professional opportunities in the discipline.

The curriculum introduces students to the processes of scholarly research in art history and the presentation of its results in a variety of professional and public venues. 

Graduate courses focus on issues and problems in art history, the process of defining and carrying out a research agenda, the use of various methodologies and theories to define and interpret evidence, the ability to read both analytically and critically, and to utilize both original and scholarly resources. 

The program emphasizes an inclusive perspective that encompasses a range of media and global cultures and a contextual approach to art that examines its social, economics, political, and religious importance.

The program builds awareness of the ethical and culturally specific issues of research related to the field, including professional standards for work with human subjects.

Dr.Barnes and Dr.Stansbury-O'Donnell