‌Welcome to the LGBTQ+ and Allies Committee

In October of 2009, an ad hoc committee formed on campus comprised of faculty, staff and students dedicated to improving the climate for LGBTQ persons, with support from the Office of the President/Affirmative Action, the Luann Dummer Center for Women, the Office of Student Affairs, the University Advocates for Women and Equity, and the Office of Institutional Diversity.

Our committee was formed through invitations and nominations solicited from various deans and administrative leaders on campus, and we have continued to welcome new members who have expressed interest. Our initial training was done through the Minnesota GLBTA Campus Alliance www.mncampusalliance.org.

UST President Dr. Julie Sullivan showed support for our effort in her convocation address on September 3, 2013:

“The planning and climate surveys reflected concern about a welcoming and supportive attitude to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons in our community.  It pains me to think that a gay student, staff or faculty member would ever feel unwelcome or a need to ‘hide’ at St. Thomas.  As Pope Francis reminds us, we are not called to judge.  We are called to love and support everyone in our community regardless of their sexual orientation. And, I might add, regardless of the gender of their spouse.”