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Scholarship Information

The financial assistance provided by the University of St. Thomas subsidy program is one of the best in the nation!  If you receive an AFROTC scholarship through the High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) or the In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP), recipients will be able to apply the St. Thomas subsidy toward their tuition and room and board.  Review the chart below for the specific breakdown of the subsidy generously provided by St. Thomas.

If you do not receive an AFROTC scholarship through HSSP, AFROTC is still a great way to earn your commission into the United States Air Force.  It is important for all interested students to know that it is more common to start AFROTC without a scholarship than with one

While you are a cadet in the program, it is possible you might be able to earn an In-College Scholarship depending on eligibility criteria (published each academic year) and your intended academic major.  The Cadre at Detachment 410 will work closely with you to make sure you understand the In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP) and the opportunities available for you to secure an AFROTC scholarship. 

If you do not secure an AFROTC scholarship you will still complete all academic degree requirements and AFROTC program requirements and commission into the Air Force, the same as those cadets on scholarship.

High School Scholarship Program - UST Subsidy

4 Year Type 1

    • AFROTC Pays: Click Here
    • UST Pays:  Room and board
    • Student Pays:  $0 

4 Year Type 2

    • AFROTC Pays:  Click Here
    • UST Pays:  Remainder of tuition & room and board
    • Student Pays:  $0

3 Year Type 2 (converted from a 4 Year Type 7)

    • AFROTC Pays:  Click Here
    • UST Pays:  Full tuition (first year only), remainder of tuition & room and board (last 3 years only)
    • Student Pays:  Room and board (first year only)

In College Scholarship Program - UST Subsidy

If you receive an ICSP AFROTC Scholarship, the UST subsidy will pay the remainder of your tuition as well as your room and board until you complete your degree.  Please contact us for more information on ICSP opportunities.