Four National Guard members holding U.S. flags and rifles on the football field.

Prospective Cadets

If you are interested in becoming a cadet at Detachment 410 it is important to understand the basic requirements of the program and what life will be like after graduating and commissioning.

The University of St. Thomas is the host university for Detachment 410 but there are 15 other universities and community colleges in the Twin Cities you could attend and still participate in AFROTC.  For more information on other universities and community colleges you could attend, view the Cross-Town Information tab here.

The eligibility requirements to begin participating in AFROTC are straight forward and simple.  Interested students must earn their undergraduate degree and receive their commission prior to their 29th or 30th birthday, depending on their assigned Air Force career field.  For more information on age requirements visit

When participating in AFROTC you will not immediately be committed to military service or service with the Air Force.  AFROTC is designed to give you time to try the program and make sure it is a good fit for you before you are committed to military service.  If you have decided that you would like to be a part of Detachment 410, contact us for specific steps to get started!

The two basic requirements to be an Air Force officer are to have an undergraduate degree and complete the requirements of a commissioning program.  Visit here to better understand the differences between officer and enlisted and two commissioning programs offered by the Air Force in addition to AFROTC.  After completing all academic degree requirements and AFROTC program requirements you will graduate and commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.  You will be an Air Force officer with leadership opportunities, a competitive salary, and great benefits.  Your service commitment to the Air Force will be a minimum of 4 years but is dependent on your assigned Air Force career field, also known as an Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC).  For more information on benefits and service commitments go here.

If you are a current high school student you have an opportunity to apply for a scholarship through the Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program (HSSP).  High school students must apply online at prior to December 1st of their senior year.  For more information on HSSP go here.  It is important for prospective students to understand that it is more common for students to start the program without a scholarship than with a scholarship.  To learn more about the subsidy program offered at St. Thomas, view our scholarship information tab here.

If you are a current college student (4-year university or community college) and are interested in participating in AFROTC, contact us to discuss the academic requirements and minimum length of time required to participate in the program.  If you meet program eligibility requirements, you could have an opportunity to compete for financial assistance through the In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP).

After graduating and commissioning you will be an active duty Second Lieutenant in the Air Force.  There are many different career fields in the Air Force you could be assigned, for more information on life after AFROTC you can find details here.