An Air Force ROTC member singing the national anthem at a University of St. Thomas football game.

About Us

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is a commissioning program designed to prepare students to assume positions of leadership and responsibility in the United States Air Force.  AFROTC provides an educational program, which gives students the opportunity to become Air Force officers directly after graduation.  Cadets who complete the program commission as Second Lieutenants and enter Active Duty with the Air Force.

The University of St. Thomas is proud to be the host university to AFROTC Detachment 410 and the Department of Aerospace Studies.  Students who participate in AFROTC work towards their undergraduate degree as full-time students and complete their military training concurrently. 

The University of St. Thomas has an extensive military tradition that began in 1903 with the formation of two military training companies on campus.  In 1906, the College of St. Thomas was officially declared a military school by the U.S. War Department and by 1911 it was designated as one of eight “distinguished military schools” in the United States.  In 1912, St. Thomas was declared as the largest private military academy in the country.  In 1947, the Air Force was established as a separate branch within the Department of Defense and shortly thereafter in 1948, Air Force ROTC was established on campus.  The first 34 Air Force officers commissioned through Detachment 410 in 1950.  Since 1950, AFROTC Detachment 410 has produced many accomplished leaders for the United States Air Force in a variety of Air Force career fields. 

Today, AFROTC has 145 detachments at universities across the nation.  Current Detachment 410 AFROTC cadets take pride in our legacy and perform in high levels of military discipline and academic success.  Detachment 410 commissions approximately 15-20 Second Lieutenants for the Air Force every year.