Sam Friederichs '07


(consultant for National Geographic Society Remote Imaging program, head of National Geographic Crittercam billfish program)‌‌

A biology major from St. Thomas,‌ Friederichs is now working with the National Geographic organization.  Leading his own project titled "Crittercam", Friederichs considers this a ‌fantastic opporunity in his life and much better use of his biology background versus being in a tight office space.  "Crittercam" is a project focused on finding out more information about the daily routines of billfish (otherwise known as swordfish) via a safely attached camera.  As of September of 2013, he has deployed 30 Crittercams on five species of billfish in countries: Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Cape Verde, Africa.  He hopes to film every species of billfish in the next two years and capture never before seen footage of these creatures.  Friderichs landed this position through good networking and by returning to Costa Rica, a country he first visited as a volunteer on a J-Term trip his junior year.

“Networking is key. It’s all about who you know”