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Marketing Management: digest data points and develop marketing strategy and tactics.

What are recent graduates doing now?

A recent graduate interned at a promotion agency, then used that experience to start her own promotion agency. She hires recent graduates to work in her agency.

Learning opportunities outside of the classroom:

Internships. Numerous internships are available for marketing students. Some are concerned with developing selling skills. Many others involve supporting the sales function, gathering information for decision making, marketing planning, etc.

Study abroad. Business students study in programs in more than 40 countries all over the world, from Europe to South America to the far east. Current popular destinations include London, Spain, Rome and Australia. Many marketing students also take part in the London Business Semester, a study-abroad opportunity for business majors of junior standing.

Faculty research, presentations, publications, etc.

Faculty members consult with businesses, collaborate with students on research projects, and prepare research projects, which are published in journals. Some examples are below.

Dr. Jamal Al-Khatib: "The Ethical Challenges of Global Business-to-Business Negotiations: An Empirical Investigation of Developing Countries’ Marketing Managers," with M. Rawwas and Z. Swidan, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 2006.

Dr. James Heyman: “Effort for Payment: A Tale of Two Markets,” with D. Ariely, Psychological Science, Vol. 15 (11), pp. 787-793, 2004.

Dr. Carmina Carazos: "Manager's Role in Alliance Formation", CLADEA Latin American Council of Management Schools, conference proceedings. Santiago do Chile, Chile. 2005.

What jobs are possible with a Marketing major?

  • Marketing administrator
  • Marketing associate
  • Public relations manager
  • Promotions
  • Director of public relations
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Marketing specialist
  • Sales consultant
  • Lobbyist
  • Advertising manager
  • Market business analyst
  • Production analyst
  • Personnel manager
  • Quality control manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Operations manager
  • Business manager
  • Executive director
  • Billing supervisor
  • Director of services
  • Fundraising director
  • Director of labor relations
  • Training and development director


  • Employment recruiter
  • Human resources administrator
  • Employee counselor
  • Director of employee relations
  • Director of personnel research Personal/commercial lending officer
  • Credit analyst
  • Trust account administrator
  • Trust investment office
  • Bank president/VP
  • Account executive
  • Financial planner
  • Sales broker
  • Chief financial officer
  • Budget analyst
  • Accountant
  • University professor
  • Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • FBI agent
  • CIA agent
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