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Legal Studies in Business: study the ins and outs of the legal system relative to business.

What are recent graduates doing now?

Adine is a recent graduate who conducted research as an undergraduate through a Young Scholars Grant. Her research was on the United States and Canada’s responses to international climate change conventions. She compared the countries’ respective economic and legal approaches to the same and won a regional student paper contest. She completed law school, served as a federal judicial clerk, and is now an attorney with Leonard, Street, and Deinard, and is currently on the board of directors of the Federal Bar Association’s Younger Lawyers Division.

One of our 2010 graduates studied in Beijing, China while at St. Thomas, and completed an internship at WestLaw in his senior year. He is currently the international relations manager at Davidco Foods International, Inc., where he is responsible for researching, planning and implementing international expansion plans targeting China, SE Asia and Canada.

A 2011 graduate accepted a position as a sourcing business analyst at Target. As a representative for the merchandising, planning, buyer and design team, he is involved in communicating with overseas partners and analyzing legal/compliance implications of doing business in a foreign country. He participates in negotiations about liability, costing, and transportation among other responsibilities. He recently contacted one of his business law instructors and said “the most useful knowledge and skills I took away from some of those BLAW classes I learned from some of those most grueling and painful BLAW projects. I am realizing how amazingly prepared I feel to be taking on this type of work having studied BLAW. NOW I get it!”

Learning opportunities outside of the classroom:

Internships. There are numerous internship opportunities in industry, the nonprofit sector and the legal profession.

Last year the department overwhelmingly recommended Mike Mulder ’06 for an internship at Paddock Labs, a local generic pharmaceuticals company. Part of what made this job appropriate for a legal studies in business major was the work with drug patents: the position required an understanding of patents and an ability to think critically in the research and analysis of materials on the PTO databases. Michael performed so well that he was hired as a business development expert.

Study abroad. The majority of the finance students who do study abroad go through the London Business Program because it is explicitly set up to not delay the graduation of business majors.  We also have had two real estate programs over J-Term in Rome and the Caribbean. These programs give students the opportunity to witness the application of finance in a context different from that in the United States.

Faculty research, presentations, publications, etc.

Faculty members oversee numerous independent study research projects, including projects on sports law and intellectual property.

Professor Susan Marsnik collaborated with students on the following projects:  

The Need for International Environmental Law: An Examination of the Ratification of the Kyoto Protocol Between the U.S. and Canada, with Adine Momoh (Summer 2005). Winner of the Tri-State Academy of Legal Studies in Business Student Paper Award 

Evolution of Women’s Rights in the Americas, with Danielle Hansen (Spring 2004). Selected for presentation at the 2004 Academy of Legal Studies in Business annual conference and as a runner-up for the Best Student Paper Award) 

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Data Privacy Laws in the United States and European Union, with Brian Kalis (Spring 2003). Selected for presentation at the 2003 Academy of Legal Studies in Business annual conference, chosen for publication in the proceedings, and was a runner-up for the Best Student Paper Award.

Copyright Law and the Quest for Joining the WTO in the Russian Federation, with Jeff Kogan (Spring 2003). Selected for presentation at the 2003 Tri-State Academy of Legal Studies in Business Annual Meeting, chosen for publication in the proceedings, and tied for the Best Student Paper Award.

Professor Dawn Swink collaborated on the following:

An Examination of Major Professional Sports Leagues: Current, Proposed, and Recommended Policies of Anabolic Steroid Regulation, with Mark Brandenburger (Spring 2005). Selected for presentation at the Academy of Legal Studies in Business annual conference August 2005.

What jobs are possible with a Legal Studies in Business major?

  • Banking, including anti-money laundering and Contracts administration
  • Personal/commercial lending officer
  • Credit analyst
  • Trust account administrator
  • Trust investment office
  • Bank president/VP
  • Account executive
  • Financial planner
  • Accountant Business development
  • Personnel manager
  • Quality control manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Operations manager
  • Business manager
  • Executive director
  • Billing supervisor
  • Director of services
  • Fundraising director
  • Director of labor relations
  • Training and development director


  • Employment recruiter
  • Human resources administrator
  • Employee counselor
  • Director of employee relations
  • Director of personnel research
  • Marketing administrator
  • Marketing associate
  • Public relations manager
  • Promotions
  • Director of public relations
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Marketing specialist
  • Sales consultant
  • Lawyer
  • Court administrator
  • Legal assistant
  • Regulatory compliance and contracts administration
  • University professor
  • Teacher
  • FBI agent
  • CIA agent
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