Aquinas Hall's exterior


Year Rate
Triple $5,756
Quad $5,122

Murray Hall, described by residents as "the hidden secret of St. Thomas", is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Murray-Herrick Campus Center and houses more than 80 students. Murray Hall rooms are large, one-room quads shared by four students.

What is the best part about living in Murray?

"Living in Murray is great because it’s a much smaller community of girls so we were a close knit group. It’s nice to know at least 100 girls after the first day, by face at least." - Brittany


This floorplan represents a typical room layout.


Common areas include a service desk, study lounge, TV/recreation area, kitchen and laundry facility.

Each room is fully carpeted and has a private bath. All furniture is moveable and a microwave/freezer/ refrigerator unit is provided in each room.

Recently updated lofts/beds do not allow for purchased lofts to be used in Murray Hall rooms.

Murray Hall residents really know how to "keep cool", as this is the only hall with air conditioning!


2 BED Bunkbed
DK Desk
DR Dresser
W Wardrobe




Traditions - Murray Riverboat

Every spring, residents of Murray Hall participate in Riverboat, which is a formal dance with a dinner and a band, all while floating down the St. Croix or Mississippi River.




Housing applications are provided to newly accepted students by the Admissions office. Speak to your Admissions Counselor for further information. A $200 deposit is required to request housing space and is also handled by your Admissions Counselor. Housing is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis and is not guaranteed by the university. Preference information is collected in April for the following fall and students are notified of their housing assignment at the end of June.

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