Aquinas Hall's exterior


Year Rate
Quad $5,756

John Paul II Hall, located on north campus, was built in 1978 and houses more than 100 women on five levels. All living units are quads (housing 4 students) and have a living area, bedroom and private bathroom with two sinks.

Why did you choose to live in John Paul II?

"I wanted to live in a hall that had a strong community feeling to it and a lot of my friends and I planned to live there together. I had a great experience." -Val


This floorplan represents a typical room layout.


Common areas include a service desk, computer lab, study lounge, TV/recreation area, kitchenette and laundry. Living areas have a couch, lounge chair, occasional tables, lamp and bookshelf. All furniture is moveable and each suite is carpeted and contains a microwave and refrigerator/freezer unit.


2 BED Bunkbed
DK Desk
DR Dresser
W Wardrobe




Traditions - JPII Spike Night

Residents of John Paul II are known to organize the annual "night spike" all night volleyball tournament for charity.




Housing applications are provided to newly accepted students by the Admissions office. Speak to your Admissions Counselor for further information. A $200 deposit is required to request housing space and is also handled by your Admissions Counselor. Housing is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis and is not guaranteed by the university. Preference information is collected in April for the following fall and students are notified of their housing assignment at the end of June.

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