Science building's exterior including women art sculptures


Transfer student Molly standing in front of the Student Center's windows

Major at St. Thomas: COJO & Political Science


  • Why did you choose to transfer to St. Thomas?

I wanted a smaller school in a safer area, and to be a part of a community with strong school pride. I found all three at St. Thomas.


  • What do you like about being a student in the Twin Cities?

The opportunities are similar to Chicago, but the Cities are friendlier and more practical to me.


  • What advice would you give a prospective transfer student?

Get involved right away and work with counselors to get classes counted toward your core and major(s)!


  • What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned at St. Thomas?

Feeling like a part of the community is so important. I have learned to value small communities over the “big and glamorous” city life of Chicago.