Science building's exterior including women art sculptures


Transfer student Christian standing in the Student Center

Major at St. Thomas: Finance


  • Why did you choose to transfer to St. Thomas?

Both of my parents attended St. Thomas and they spoke about the powerful alumni network.  Also the lacrosse team at St. Thomas is a national contender. 


  • What was your transition like – was it easy to find new friends and get involved?

It was very easy to get involved because of the many clubs.  Current students are really helpful, too. I just asked and they were willing to show me around.


  • While you were looking for a new college, did the cost of attending UST deter you?

Because my parents went here, I already knew that the cost of attending St. Thomas is actually an investment in a better life after graduation. The investment pays off because there are thousands of alumni who are willing to help grads find jobs too.


  • Did you receive grants or financial aid?

Yes, I received a grant.  It really helps.


  • What do you like about being a student in the Twin Cities?

The Twin Cities is a great area for fun activities and jobs.  Eleven of the 21 fortune 500 companies in Minnesota are located in the Twin Cities.


  • What advice would you give a prospective transfer student?

Make sure you speak with the academic counselors who can help you find the right area of study.


  • What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned at St. Thomas?

Work hard and network to find internships and jobs around the Twin Cities.