Science building's exterior including women art sculptures


Transfer student Christiaan standing in the Student Center

Major at St. Thomas: Operations Management


  • Why did you choose to transfer to St. Thomas?

It felt like a better fit than my previous school as far as what it had to offer as a city and school.


  • What was your transition like – was it easy to find new friends and get involved?

Everyone was extremely helpful. It was very surprising how welcomed I felt the minute I stepped on campus. I had no problem meeting people or finding help. I remember I looked like a lost puppy the first day. One guy could see the confusion on my face so he immediately helped me find my first class.


  • While you were looking for a new college, did the cost of attending UST deter you?

I did not want to take out loans for college and that is originally why I went to a different school. But I came to the conclusion that this was the best choice for me in the long run.


  • What do you like about being a student in the Twin Cities?

Everything. The Twin Cities have a feeling that is hard to describe. It’s so alive and has so much to offer. You can drive 10 minutes outside the cities and be in the country or you can enjoy the nightlife or a Twins game. It’s hard to explain but it felt like home.


  • What advice would you give a prospective transfer student?

Get involved with as much as you can. The more you are willing to be outgoing and meet new people the more you will feel comfortable and welcomed. You get out what you put into it. Making an effort will go a long way. People here will welcome you and help you be successful as well.


  • What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned at St. Thomas?

Experience as much as you can. Get out and meet new people and experience new things. UST has so much to offer and it is an amazing place. I truly feel fortunate that I attend UST.