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Transferring from a community college?

Approximately 40 percent of the students who transfer to St. Thomas come from community colleges.  If you currently attend a community college, we can help you:

  • Identify college courses you have taken that will fulfill core curriculum requirements at St. Thomas.
  • Indicate the proper sequences of courses in preparation for submission to a particular major field at St. Thomas.

Minnesota Community College Course Transferability

To help you make a smooth transition to St. Thomas, we offer you guide sheets that indicate the specific community college courses that meet St. Thomas' core curriculum requirements.  Al though St. Thomas does not participate in the Minnesota transfer Curriculum (MnTC) or the Associate of Arts (A.A.), many of the courses in the MnTC or the A.A. also fulfill St. Thomas' core curriculum requirements. You may discuss these courses with a St. Thomas transfer admissions counselor.