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We can take some of the anxiety out of the process.

Dear Parent,

As a parent with four children who have been through the college search process, I understand that there are many approaches and strategies utilized to successfully navigate the college selection process. While I was extremely excited to assist my oldest child when she began her college search, her lukewarm response told me that my 20+ years of experience in higher education didn’t bring any qualifications she needed to assist in evaluating various colleges.  Imagine my surprise last fall when my youngest child actually brought me a list of schools he was considering to see if they might be a good fit with his academic qualifications!

While there may be times in the college search process when your dining room looks more like Command Central as piles of materials shift positions daily in descending order of popularity, I assure you that this process will come to a successful conclusion for both you and your child. At UST, our goal is simple – we want to make sure your student finds the right college home that provides an environment for academic success and personal growth.

We are here to assist with any questions that may arise. I wish you and your family a most successful conclusion to the college search process!

Warmest regards,

Dan Meyer

Vice President for Enrollment Management
(651) 962-6150 or (800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-6150