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Browse some of the frequently asked questions about transferring to the University of St. Thomas.

What are the admission requirements for a transfer student?

A minimum GPA of 2.3 (4.0 scale) is required in transferable previous college work to be considered for admission. All transferable course work, regardless of grade, must be considered when calculating the GPA used to determine admission.

Will credits transfer in from my college or university?

Most classes from regionally accredited colleges and universities transfer into St. Thomas. Our Transfer Credit Tool will help you see which credits will transfer, or for a comprehensive credit evaluation, contact your admissions counselor.

Does my transfer institution need to be accredited?

Yes.  Credits can only be transferred from regionally accredited institutions of higher learning.

How many more years will it take me to graduate from UST?

It all depends on the specific courses taken previously, their transferability and the student’s intended major at St. Thomas.  We recommend scheduling a personal visit with a transfer admissions counselor.

How do my quarter credits convert to semester credits?

St. Thomas will convert all transfer credits taken from quarter system academic institutions to semester credit using the following conversion scale (dividing the number of quarter credits by 1.5).

Quarter Credits Semester Credits
6 4
5 3.3
4 2.7
3 2
2 1.3
1 0.7

What is the maximum number of credits accepted?

St. Thomas does not limit the number of credits you transfer into our institution.

What is the minimum number of credits needed to transfer?

There is no minimum; however, it is recommended to have 28+ semester credits prior to transferring.  If you have less than 28 semester credits, we may ask to see an ACT or SAT score.

What is the minimum grade requirement to receive course credit at St. Thomas?

St. Thomas will accept only transfer courses in which the student has received a minimum grade of C- (1.7 value) or higher.

Will my online courses transfer?

Credits received from online classes are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Students should submit syllabi of online classes to our Undergraduate Admissions Office for review.  Please note that some departments do not accept online courses in satisfaction of core or major requirements.

How many credits do I need for graduation?

To receive a bachelor's degree from St. Thomas, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 132 credits and fulfill all degree requirements. Of those 132 credits, students must complete a major with at least 28 semester credits in the major field and at least 84 credits outside of the major field.

Note: Each department retains the right to require that a substantial number of major or minor courses be taken at St. Thomas.

Am I eligible for graduation with honors?

Transfer students are eligible for graduation with honors provided they have fulfilled the required conditions. These conditions are outlined in the course catalog.

What are the residency requirements?

Thirty-two of the last 36 credits taken for  a degree must be taken at St. Thomas.

Credits earned at Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC) colleges and through study abroad programs sponsored by St. Thomas count toward the residency requirement.

What are the St. Thomas liberal arts requirements?

All St. Thomas students regardless of major are required to complete the core curriculum. These liberal arts courses are the heart of a St. Thomas education. For more information about degree requirements at St. Thomas, go to the online undergraduate catalog section on degree requirements.

How do transfer students apply for financial aid?

Transfer students must file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be considered for need-based aid including federal and state aid, such as grants, loans and work-study jobs. The St. Thomas school code is 002345.

Are there any scholarships available for transfer students?

Yes! The UST Transfer Award recognizes the academic accomplishments of transfer students who have positively contributed to their community and have demonstrated academic success at the post-secondary level. All newly-admitted* transfer students working on their first bachelor’s degree will be considered. The award will be based on a review of the candidate’s application for admission and all supporting documentation on file at the time of admission. Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis and recipients will be selected until the UST Transfer Award funds are exhausted. Please visit our Undergraduate Financial Aid website to learn more about the UST Transfer Award.

* Transfer students admitted to St. Thomas under any alternative admission status, are not eligible to receive a UST Transfer Award but may be eligible to receive need-based aid from the university or federal or state governments.  Questions regarding admission status should be directed to the student’s admissions counselor.

Is housing available?

Transfer students have the opportunity to apply to live on campus. As with all on-campus housing, transfer housing is not guaranteed. Students who would like to live on campus are encouraged to apply for admission early and complete the residence hall application. Students who choose to live off campus, can find housing in a safe, quiet residential area surrounding the St. Paul campus. A list of off-campus properties is available on our Off-Campus Student Services website.

When will I receive my official degree evaluation?

The Registrar’s Office will send you a degree evaluation after you have been accepted to the university.  This document lists the credits that have transferred to St. Thomas. The degree evaluation will also outline your remaining graduation requirements to complete your bachelor’s degree.