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Browse some of the frequently asked questions about life at the University of St. Thomas.

How many students attend St. Thomas?

There are approximately 6,200 undergraduate students and 4,000 students in graduate programs.

What is the male to female ratio?

The student body is approximately 50 percent men and 50 percent women.

What is the percentage of students of color?

Currently about 14 percent of undergraduate students attending St. Thomas are students of color.

How many students are from the Twin Cities?

62 percent of our students are from the Twin Cities area. That means there are more than 2,300 students from outside the metro and more than 1,000 of those come from across the country.

What do students do on the weekends?

There are many events sponsored by the university such as movie nights, live music, game nights and speakers.

What's on Weekend

St. Thomas Activities and Recreation

We are located just ten minutes from both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, where you can find professional sporting events, great shopping, restaurants,  theater, music and various art venues. Many students take advantage of our free shuttle bus that picks them up at the arches in St. Paul and brings them to our campus in Minneapolis (which is connected to many venues by way of the skyway system).

Do students have to live on campus?

No, students are not required to live on campus during their freshman year, but more than 90% of freshmen do.

How many dorms do you have?

We have seven: four women's and three men's - available to freshmen and sophomores.

Additionally, we have six non-traditional apartment buildings available to juniors and seniors that house men and women, separated by floors. More than 2,500 undergraduate students live on campus.

What resources are available for commuter students?

The Off-Campus Student Services office provides resources to commuter students, such as places to relax and rest, legal help when it comes time to sign your lease, options for off-campus housing and help searching for a roommate.

Can I have a car on campus?

Freshmen who live on campus are not allowed to have surface-lot parking permits on campus, but may opt to participate in the Contract Parking lottery. Students with sophomore standing and above may apply for a surface permit. Freshmen commuter students are guaranteed a permit for commuter lots if they so choose.

How safe is the campus? Is there a lot of crime?

St. Thomas is located in a beautiful residential neighborhood. UST prides itself on being a safe place for students, faculty and staff. There is a 24-hour Public Safety department; our residence halls are locked at all times and blue emergency lights found on many campuses are prevalent at UST. We also offer a free escort service. Students may request an officer escort to accompany them anywhere within six blocks of campus any time.