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Fly-in Program

We welcome you to visit St. Thomas using our fly-in program - where we'll cover a portion of your travel costs when you come to campus for a personalized admissions visit or admitted student event.

The program will reimburse half the cost (up to $400) of your airline ticket. If you require transportation to and from campus, we will also reimburse your cab fare.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a prospective first-year or transfer student who has completed an application and is eligible to be admitted as a regular, full-time, degree-seeking student
  • Complete the fly-in voucher request form below

You can use your voucher to arrange a personalized visit to campus (through the Office of Admissions) or attend one of the following student events:

  • Personalized Visit
  • Admitted Tommie Experience
  • Opus College of Business Scholarship Day
  • Science, Mathematics and Engineering Scholarship Day
  • Residence Life Event

While we invite family members to accompany students on visits to campus, this offer only applies to students admitted to the university and not to their parents/guardians or other family members. Parent/guardians or other family members will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations.

If you are a student who has participated in a recognized leadership development/college access program with a Community Based Organization (CBO) that serves economically disadvantaged students – like Chicago Scholars, College Possible or AVID – St. Thomas may reimburse the full cost of your airline ticket and cab fare.

Please submit your fly-in waiver and all receipts by the day of your arrival.

Request a voucher for the fly-in program

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