Undergraduate International Student Scholarship

St. Thomas is pleased to be able to offer a limited number of scholarships to new incoming international undergraduate students.

Award Amounts

Maximum international student scholarship awards can equal up to 40% of the tuition cost.

Application Procedure

  1. Apply for admission to St. Thomas.
  2. Complete and submit the scholarship application form (PDF) to the Office of International Recruiting and Admissions.
  3. Submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher or school administrator to the Office of International Recruiting and Admissions.
  4. Submit a one-page written essay of why a scholarship should be awarded to you to the Office of International Recruiting and Admissions. Please include:
      1. reasons why you wish to attend the University of St. Thomas;
      2. any leadership activities, service organizations, or clubs in which you have participated (list and explain);
      3. what you plan to do in the future to help others and/or future generations;
      4. other evidence that supports why you should be awarded a scholarship to attend the University of St. Thomas.


Applicants who plan to apply for scholarships must submit official proof of of financial supportand must submit the financial certification form (PDF) prior to consideration for a scholarship.

You may submit your scholarship application materials by mail, by fax, or by e-mail.


To be considered for a scholarship, you must complete an application for admission and submit all requirements for a scholarship application by the following dates:

    • Fall (August) semester deadline: January 15
    • Spring (January) semester deadline: September 15

You may complete a scholarship application after the deadlines listed above. However, applications received on or before the deadline are given priority consideration.