Outside Scholarships

Many organizations offer scholarships to international students. We encourage you to research scholarships from these organizations as early as possible to ensure that you meet the deadline of any scholarships available to you!

You should do some research before applying to other organizations' scholarships, as most have specific requirements. Please visit each website for information about applying and about the requirements/deadlines.

International Recruiting and Admissions does not support any specific scholarships, but we will be happy to provide you with verification forms and other documents you might need when applying. Good luck!

EducationUSA Resources and Information

  • Visit EducationUSA's " Finance Your Studies" and click " Find Financial Aid" for a large list of scholarship resources.
  • Meet with an EducationUSA adviser at your local EducationUSA Advising Center to learn how to research available financial aid.

Institute of International Education Resources and Information

  • Visit the IIE's " Program Finder" and click on your country for a large list of scholarship resources.

Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) Latino Scholarship Fund

  • Undergraduate scholarships are available for:
    • Students from Minnesota whose parent is an immigrant from Latin America
    • Students from Mexico
  • To learn more about the scholarships and/or receive an application form (by mail or fax):
    • Visit LEDC's main office at 1516 E Lake St. Suite 201 in Minneapolis, MN
    • Call +1 (612) 724-5332

TOEFL® Scholarship Program