Math Placement Exam

New undergraduate students must take a Math Placement Exam before registration. You will want to make sure you complete the exam (or the Math Inventory if you do not live in the Twin Cities) as soon as possible so that you may register before you arrive on campus for classes. Your exam score will determine your first math course at St. Thomas.
Click here (PDF) for a short list of mathematics vocabulary and helpful links to more web sites where you can study!   

If you currently live within the Twin Cities area you need to visit the Math Resource Center (MaRC) to take the exam. Please visit the Math Resource Center (click Math Placement Information ) for more information.  Make sure to arrive at the MaRC no later than one hour before the scheduled closing time in order to allow enough time to complete the exam. 

If you currently live outside of the Twin Cities area and are unable to come to campus, you will take the Math Placement Exam during International Student Orientation.

    1. All students taking the math inventory need to take the first test listed on the Math Inventory website
    2. If you intend to register for Math 113: Calculus I, you also need to take the the pre-calculus test (this includes any potential Science majors)
    3. Please email if you have any questions regarding which test is required of you


If you sent official ACT scores to St. Thomas, the Math Placement Exam may be optional.
Email to see if we received your scores.