Confirm Your Admission

Admitted undergraduate students must reserve their place in the incoming class. To reserve your place, send the following items to the Office of International Recruiting and Admissions:

Payment Options:

1. Pay by Peer Transfer (recommended): Go to  Be sure to select “University of St. Thomas (Minnesota).”  Please choose to send $200 for your confirming deposit.  If you are planning to live on campus, you should submit an additional $200 for your housing deposit.
2. Pay through Murphy Online: click here for instructions.
3. Pay by check: Mail to: International Admissions, 2115 Summit Ave, Mail 5017, St. Paul, MN 55105, USA

Apply For Housing

It's a good idea to apply for on-campus housing when you confirm your admission. You may send both deposits as a single $400 payment. Visit Housing for more information.

*Your confirmation and housing deposits will be refunded if requested, in writing, by the final deposit deadline. Your confirmation and housing deposits will be refunded at any date if your student visa application is denied and you submit proper documentation.

Payment Options

Paper Check / Money Order

It is best to send your $200 confirming deposit (and, if applicable, your $200 housing deposit) as a check or money order by mail to our address:

International Admissions
Mail 5017, 2115 Summit Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105

However, there are some ways of paying your Undergraduate International Student confirming and housing deposits electronically:


"Electronic Check" from an American bank account / American credit card

(Note: Credit card = additional fee. Also, this is only an option if you have been "fully admitted." "Conditionally admitted" students cannot use this option.)

First, go to If you have not set up your UST account, before you proceed click here and follow the instructions for claiming your UST account.  Contact if you have been fully admitted but do not know your ID or 4-digit number.)

Log in to with your UST username (the part of your email address before "") and the password you set up when claiming your UST account.

Then go to eBill & ePay System. (If the system does not take you to a new page and you just claimed your account, try waiting 24 hours before attempting to pay your deposits.) Near the top of the page that the system forwards you to, click eDeposits.

Choose the term to which you have been admitted.  Choose Admissions Confirming Deposit as the payment type (you will have to repeat this process a 2nd time with Admissions Housing Deposit as your choice to pay the 2nd $200 if you want on-campus housing).

Click Continue and then choose whether you are paying by credit card (requires an American credit card) or Electronic Check (requires an American checking/savings account).  Click “Select” and click "Continue to PayPath."

Click "Continue" at the next page. Click "Continue" again.

Then type in your credit card or bank routing information and click "Continue."  Follow the prompts until you can see that you have paid your deposit.
(And remember, with this system, you have to pay each $200 separately.  With a traditional paper check, you can simply send our office $400.)

Wire Transfer

Please email if you need wire transfer instructions.  Please use wire transfer only as a last resort because:

1) It is usually quite expensive, and you must pay the additional cost

2) If you do not follow our instructions to make sure that the money labeled so that we know it is from you (and so that we know when you have sent it), it could be impossible for St. Thomas to find your payment.