Before You Leave Home

Apply For A Student Visa

For details about the appointment booking process, contact your U.S. embassy or consulate.  If you have specific questions about visas that are not answered by the embassy website, please contact the EducationUSA advising Center nearest you for individual guidance.
  • Attend your visa interview appointment.
  • Email us when you receive your student visa.

Book A Flight

  • Book your flight.  Plan to land Monday, August 31 in the morning or early afternoon.
  • Email us your arrival date and time.
  • If you must arrive late at night, consider booking a hotel room for a comfortable first night.


  • Undergraduates:  If you submitted any photocopied transcripts/exam scores with your application, or if you have received any updated grades/scores:

Gather your official, original transcripts and originals and mail them to International Admissions immediately--or pack them in your carry-on luggage. You will not be allowed to register without them.



  • Sign up for a Friendship Family. A friendship family will help you experience American culture and feel at home at St. Thomas.  A friendship family might show you around St. Paul (e.g. where to shop), help you move in, or invite you over for family dinners, holidays, or other social activities. As soon as you find out who your Friendship Family is, introduce yourself by email and give them your contact information.  You may also want to email them your arrival date and time.
  • Contact your future roommates. We recommend talking about all areas including academics, sleep, expectations, conflict resolution, guests and anything else that is important to you in living with someone.
  • Pack your luggage