Online Experience

St. Thomas delivers courses in 2 different formats; fully online and blended. Fully online courses are conducted primarily through an online courseroom. These courses do not meet face-to-face, but may meet synchronously using a web conferencing technology like Adobe Connect, Skype for Business or WebEx. Some programs offer a combination of fully online courses, with an on-campus residency during the summer.

Blended courses contain a mix of face-to-face meetings on one of our campuses along with online course work. A blended course will emphasize completing a certain component of work online since class meets a limited number of times throughout the semester.

Classroom access the way you want

Our online classes can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, and they incorporate a variety of technologies and teaching styles. Classes can be accessed anytime of the day or night so it's convenient for you. 

Different learning style features:



We use a powerful learning management system to provide a positive learning experience for our students. Each class contains a variety of tools and technologies. Our courses include the following features listed below.

Videos and Movies

Watch videos and movies on the course subject matter, supporting topics and lectures.


Collaborate and communicate with your peers through discussion forums, wikis or blogs. Work asynchronously and post feedback to the class using audio, video or text.


Complete course assessments and assignments online and review instructor feedback and grading in your course.


Search our databases online, consult with your subject liaison librarian anyway you choose (phone, skype, text, email, fax or post) and request resources from our catalog. You can also visit the libraries as an off-campus student outside of the courseroom. For more information, visit off-campus library access.

Web Conferencing

Participate in live meetings using web conferencing technologies are a part of our learning framework. Communicate with your instructor, watch guest speakers, chat, give presentations and break out into small groups to speak and share with your classmates.


Use all the tools available at your finger tips to access student profiles, calendaring, grades, and viewing new discussion posts and announcements across classes.


Create your online student profile and a resume. Share it and network.

Office 365

Access Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based service for file storage, online communication, collaboration and easy access to Office applications. For more details, visit our Office 365 page.

Quality Matters

Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. QM is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its peer-based approach and continuous improvement in online education and student learning. The University of St. Thomas is a subscriber to Quality Matters.