Faculty Resource Guide

The 2017-2018 Faculty Resource Guide is now available.  It is managed by the Center for Faculty Development and the Adjunct Faculty Council.  It will guide you through the information you need to know as a faculty member in general, for example, the academic calendar, libraries, building keys, book orders, course evaluations and copyright requirements. Please note that Section VI provides information unique to an adjunct faculty member specifically.  See https://www.stthomas.edu/media/academicaffairs/pdf/FacultyResourceGuideFY18-19.pdf

Employee Benefit Guide for Adjunct Faculty

This Human Resources document introduces you to the benefits that flow to adjunct faculty, including tuition remission and voluntary retirement plans.  Please also consult the Faculty Resource Guide for other forms of support. See


Faculty Development Center Resources

The Faculty Development Center at the University of St. Thomas offers a number of resources for Adjunct faculty including workshops, seminars and the newly announced Adjunct Professional Development Grant. 

The Center is located on the 3rd floor of Aquinas Hall Room 323. We can be reached at facdevctr@stthomas.edu or by phone at 651.962.6022.  

Faculty Handbook

Please find the updated Faculty Handbook at http://www.stthomas.edu/media/officeofgeneralcounsel/policies/FacultyHandbookrevAugust2017.pdf  

It lays out what all faculty (adjunct and non-adjunct) need to know from the history, mission, vision, convictions and organization of UST, to faculty appointments, evaluations, rights and responsibilities.  The table of contents is a good place to start.  Note the following sections of special interest:

Adjunct Faculty Appointments: Chapter 2 page 10 at II.D.6 - The definition of adjunct faculty as "individuals appointed to part-time teaching position and who normally teach fewer than 3 courses per semester."  The various types of adjunct faculty are then described.

Adjunct FacultyTeaching Evaluations: Chapter 3 page 2 at A.1 - The teaching performances of adjunct faculty will be evaluated yearly by the Department Chair or Program Director

Termination of Adjunct Faculty Appointments: Chapter 6 page 9-10 at II - "Adjunct or part-time faculty contracts may be terminated prior to expiration and any obligations of the University to compensate the faculty members nullified, if it has been determined that there is cause, such as professional incompetency, serious neglect or duty, or grave moral delinquency that is detrimental to the University community.  

Copyright policies: Chapter 11 pages 39-42 at IV.F - A new section particularly important to adjunct faculty who develop courses.

Adjunct Faculty Eligibility for Fringe Benefits: Chapter 11 pages 60-61 - Under revision. See instead the Employee Benefit Guide for Adjunct Faculty posted above and at http://www.stthomas.edu/media/humanresources/benefits/EmployeeBenefitGuideforAdjunctFaculty.pdf



Multicultural Resource Calendar

The Multicultural Resource Calendar provides a sounding board to talk about the many traditions that each of us brings to our communities and our workplaces. When we pay attention to significant holidays and events we create an respectful and inclusive environment. The calendar highlights people, holidays, and events that may have been historically overlooked. The calendar includes entries for over 140 different countries.  



New Faculty Checklist

You may find the Checklist for New Faculty very helpful.  It lists the steps all new faculty need to take to ensure they are prepared for their position, e.g., visit the ID office and set up a class Blackboard/Canvas site.  To access it, click on the last entry on the lower right set of "Quick Links" on the Center for Faculty Development's Adjunct Faculty Resources page.  Please note that this page contains a plethora of other resources and ideas! See http://www.stthomas.edu/fdc/programs/adjunct/