Adjunct Faculty Council Members

The AFC consists of 22 elected adjunct faculty members, one from each school with the rest proportioned to school size.  Members serve two years and meet each month, but for summer sessions.  Meetings are open to all adjunct faculty.

MemberUnitServes ThroughEmail Address
Sarah Bowe CAS     05/18
Dianne Blake CAS     05/19
John Daley CAS      05/18

Elizabeth Harry CAS      05/18
Chris Hassel CAS 

Anne Osler CAS      05/19
Tom Rogers CAS     05/19
Jenna Schultz CAS     05/19
Marguerite Spencer  CAS     05/18
Sue Eklund CELC      05/19
Ken Kalamaha  CELC      05/18
Karen Kozen-Lien CELC     05/19
Kathy Jenson  OCB      05/19
Kim Ragan Sovell  OCB      05/18
Kelly Leiker  OCB      05/18
Kristin Towle  SPSSOD      05/19
Steve Albers  ENG      05/19
Allen Aspengren  ENG      05/18
Barbara Zell  ENG      05/18
Michele Braley SOWK      05/18
Lindsay Mancini - Ex Officio  LAW     05/19