Adjunct Faculty Committees

There are three standing committees of the Adjunct Faculty Council, and they serve to help the adjunct faculty communicate among themselves and with the administration of the university.  

  • Elections and Nominations:  Responsible for the smooth and timely conduct of elections of adjunct faculty.
  • Governance:  Responsible for communicating with the administration of the university about issues that affect adjunct faculty.
  • Compensation and Benefits: Responsible for advising and consulting with the administration of the university on matters of import to adjunct faculty.


MemberCollegeEmail address
Steve Albers - Chair Eng
 Allen Aspengren Eng
Dianne Blake CAS
Karen Kozen-Lien CLEC

Jenn Schultz




MemberCollegeEmail Address
Sue Eklund  CLEC
Dennis Monroe  LAW 
Robert Koerpel  CAS

Marguerite Spencer - Chair  CAS
Lynn Olsen  OCB
Kathy Jenson  OCB
MemberCollegeEmail address
 Mike Hoffman  OCB
 Chris Hassel  CAS
 John Daley - Chair  CAS
 Anne Osler  CAS
 Tom Rogers  OCB