The AFC is finalizing a "Best Practices" document with the Administration

August 1, 2017

The AFC Officers met with Rob Riley, Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs, on Monday, October 9th, to continue the discussion of "Best Practices" that will be used to assist Deans and Chairs in attending to the needs of their adjunct faculty.  Along with already approved recommendations for the timely issuance of adjunct faculty contracts, best practices would include providing adequate office space for work and confidential meetings with students; inviting adjunct faculty to attend department meetings and deposit their academic profile on department websites; and informing new adjunct faculty of university services and access to faculty development resources and funds.  The final draft of a "Best Practices" document is in the hands of the AFC Compensation and Benefits Commitee after which it will be revised by the entire council and presented to the Administration for final approval and deployment.  Our hope is that every adjunct faculty in every school and every department will be equally valued and equipped for success in the classroom.