Adjunct Faculty Lead Students Onward!

Adjunct Faculty Lead Students Onward!

Join Us For Our 6th Year!


Date  Time Location Points of Interest 

Thursday, February 13     

11:30-1:00 PM          

ASC 238 The Spring semester is underway - we must keep the momentum going.
Thursday, March 12

11:30-1:00 PM        

TBD A nominations and elections period is about to begin - join us to hear what might excite you.
Thursday, April 16

11:30-1:00 PM          

TBD Continue to support adjunct faculty even as our schedules are bursting.
Thursday, May 14

11:30-1:00 PM          

MCH 100


Spring Forum! President Sullivan and Provost Plumb will be joining us for a lively exchange of ideas!  Let's review the year and make new plans!


We began our work in Spring 2015 and have been growing stronger ever since!  Please continue to join us at our meetings, as well as at the Fall and Spring Adjunct Faculty Forum where we engage President Sullivan and Provost Plumb in an intimate setting.  Please also reach out to us for assistance or support.  We represent all adjunct faculty and no concern is too small for us to address together!  We are well aware that our presence in and contributions to our One University are unique among all institutions of higher learning.  This does not mean we rest!  As proud Adjunct Faculty, we must forge stronger relationships with each other, fellow Non-adjunct Faculty, and the Administration in order to advance and universalize best practicies and policies that support our primary objective: to teach our students well!  

The origin and development of the AFC displays a positive relationship of adjunct faculty with the Administration and non-adjunct faculty.  The Council was formed after the adjunct faculty at St. Thomas rejected a union proposal 136-84 in July of 2014.  An Adjunct faculty Task Force wrote the current bylaws and set the first elections in motion.  This level of activity among adjunct faculty and the wider university is unique to UST.  Current. the AFC is made up of 22 adjunct faculty members elected to serve 2-year terms.

Since the Spring of 2015, the AFC has met once each month during the academic year to address matters of concern to adjunct faculty and to foster communication and collaboration among them.  The AFC has worked hard to increase the role of adjunct faculty in UST governing bodies and to improve compensation and benefits for all adjunct faculty in every school/college.  An Adjunct Faculty Resource Guide was produced and is now incorporated into the larger Faculty Resource Guide.  Adjunct faculty members have been elected to the Faculty Senate, as well as appointed to both faculty and university committees.  Faculty Development Grants have also been awarded, and fall and spring forums have been held in an attempt to involve all adjunct faculty.

The AFC invites all adjuncts at the University of St. Thomas to participate by: running for an AFC seat, representing adjunct faculty on the Faculty Senate, or sitting on faculty and university seats.  You may also attend all AFC meetings regardless of your status.  Just let us know ahead of time by using the "Contact Us" page.  Please join us in the continued effort toward opportunity and enrichment! 

For further information about the AFC, check out the rest of website or contact us at