Tk20 Tutorials and Webinars

Tk20 Tutorial

Tk20 video tutorials and quick guides provide directions for completing assessment activities.

Tk20 Webinars

Assessment at Work: Increasing Student Success
In this webinar, Dr. Marilee J. Bresciani of San Diego State University addresses the question "Given the data you collect, how well can you inform collaborative conversations around policy formation/revision or administrative practice to improve student success?"

Assessing Writing and Critical Thinking Skills
Presented by Dr. Trudy W. Banta, Professor of Higher Education and Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Academic Planning and Evaluation, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
How can writing and critical thinking skills be defined? How can these important skills be assessed? In this webinar Dr. Banta explores the many measures faculty are using to gauge student learning in writing and critical thinking, including standardized tests, as well as electronic portfolios, rubrics, and other locally-developed methods. Learn how to use assessment results to initiate changes in curriculum and instruction to improve students' development of these skills.

Using Rubrics to Promote Consistency, Clarity, and Fairness
Presented by Dr. Debra C. Cobia, University of West Georgia
In this webinar, the presenter discusses the benefits for students and program leaders of adopting and using a consistent scoring rubric. The ways in which rubric scores are used to monitor progress of individual students, identify program strengths and weaknesses, and provide meaningful data for accreditors are topics that are addressed. The webinar concludes with very informative Q&A time with attendees during the live broadcast.