Strategic Risk and Responsibility Certificate

Student Goals

Goal 1 (Compliance Acumen): Students understand why organizations have compliance and ethics programs, what are the standard elements of such programs, how to implement them, and challenges to implementation.

Objective 1: Articulate the value of effective compliance and ethics management to organizational objectives.

Objective 2: Identify the standard elements of compliance and ethics program management.

Objective 3: Apply those program elements to an organizational scenario by formulating a compliance and ethics program action plan.

Objective 4: Analyze the potential individual, organizational, and systemic challenges that may confront the action plan.

Goal 2 (Risk Leadership): Students exhibit leadership qualities of initiative and influence to move Board and Senior Management from awareness of to development of risk policy.

Objective 1: Students will be able to describe an overall approach for developing risk strategy and implementation tactics that reflects a general understanding of leading standards for modern Risk Management practices.

Objective 2: Students will be able to show both an understanding of current thinking on the meaning of risk and uncertainty and on the implications of this work on the implementation of Risk Management programs within modern organizations.

Objective 3: Students will be conversant in several of the emerging problems/challenges/issues confronting organizations implementing Risk Management.

Goal 3 (Critical Thinking & Ethics): Students are able to demonstrate critical thinking and professional effectiveness to integrate risk and responsibility considerations to improve the quality of managerial decisions in organizations.

Objective 1: Explore a specific business situation and identify risk and responsibility issues therein.

Objective 2: Identify and articulate the relevant stakeholders and standards, including those imposed by requirements and those voluntarily assumed by the organization.

Objective 3: Critically analyze the application of standards to the situation and its implications for the organization and its stakeholders.

Objective 4: Recommend and defend course of action in view of the analysis.