Health Care Communication (MS)

Student Goals

Goal 1: Students will understand business needs, functions, language and culture of the health care space; and the management of business communication in such organizations.

Objective 1: Demonstrate knowledge of health care business needs, functions, language and culture.

Objective 2: Demonstrate effective communication responses and solutions for common issues confronted in the health care space.

Goal 2: Students understand the challenges and qualities of leadership and management in health care and how effective business communication supports organizational success.

Objective 1: Demonstrate understanding of leadership perspectives on organizational challenges and business communication opportunities from multiple viewpoints.

Objective 2: Demonstrate the ability to develop core messages, identify appropriate media, and create documents for use in addressing organizational issues according to a business plan.

Goal 3: Students demonstrate critical thinking skills.

Objective 1: Explore a specific business situation in which new information may lead to the solution to a problem or organizational improvement.

Objective 2: Identify the central communication research question, gather information, develop and implement a plan, collect and analyze data.

Objective 3: Communicate results in forms appropriate to diverse audiences.

Goal 4: When presented with an ethical situation, students recognize and describe the ethical dilemma, critically evaluate it in terms of stakeholders and the common good, and offer an ethically defensible response.

Objective 1: Explain the nature of the dilemma in an ethical situation, including factors that may have contributed to its occurrence.

Objective 2: Identify the relevant stakeholders in an ethical situation and identify the legitimate interests, right and duties of each.

Objective 3: Develop a set of viable communications options in a particular situation and discuss how these options may serve or compete in service to the good of individual persons, the groups, the organization, or the broader community.