History BA

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge
    Students who graduate with a history major will have acquired:
    1. Knowledge of major persons and events in their historical and geographical contexts. 
    2. Working knowledge of the discipline of history and a deeper understanding of what historians do and why history matters.
    3. Knowledge about how human agency and contingency, patterns of continuity and change, and the interaction/interrelationships of cultures affect our understanding of history.

  2. Skills
    Students who graduate with a history major will be able to:
    1. Conduct basic library research.
    2. Utilize appropriate historical methodologies to investigate a historical question.
    3. Employ sound analytical and critical thinking skills in the investigation and interpretation of primary and secondary source materials.
    4. Formulate a thesis, craft an argument, and support it with evidence.
    5. Express themselves in clear and coherent written and oral presentations.

  3. Dispositions
    Students who graduate with a history major will demonstrate:
    1. Appreciation of the value of historical methods of inquiry.
    2. Commitment to the ethical code of the profession.
    3. Greater awareness of the commonalities and differences of human experience.
    4. Appreciation of the importance of allowing people of the past to speak with their own voices.