Criminal Justice BA

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Majors should be able to apply the sociological perspective and sociological concepts to social life.

  2. Majors should understand the basic methods for collecting and analyzing data in the social sciences, such that they are able to design a study and use a standard computerized statistical package to analyze data.

  3. Majors should be able to describe and critique the operation and functions of the main components of the criminal justice system as well as understand the social contexts within which they developed.

  4. Majors should understand the importance and limitations of the major theories of crime and delinquency, be able to apply these theories, and recognize the implications of these theories for crime policy.

  5. Majors should understand the purpose and sources of criminal law and how the rights of the accused and convicted persons are grounded in the rights afforded to all in the Bill of Rights.

  6. Majors should be able to explain the significance of race, class, gender and age in understanding crime, delinquency and the criminal justice system.

  7. Majors should develop the skills needed to be an ethical, competent professional in the juvenile and criminal justice system and should develop a commitment to serving their communities using their sociological and personal skills for the betterment of society.