UST Assessment Consulting Services

What is Assessment Consulting Services? 

Assessment Consulting Services are an important way that UST supports units and programs responsible for learning assessment. Consulting services are free, confidential, and intended to assist those who would like assistance with their assessment work, including those who are at various stages in the development cycle. Even if you are unsure if the service is right for you, we will help guide you. 

Assessment, at its core, is continuous improvement. It is about having systems in place to continually work towards improvement and concretely show that the unit/program is doing excellent work that it sets out to do. Assessment Consulting Services are available to assist units and programs – in whatever assessment development stage they are at – to achieve an active, maintainable, high quality assessment system.

Assessment Consultants are available to meet with any UST unit or program on a wide range of assessment-related issues. The unit/program may choose what kind of consultation they would find most useful, ranging from a highly targeted, short-term consultation that addresses one particular assessment objective to a more comprehensive overall discussion of objectives, methods, results, and closing-the-loop (i.e., how do we use our assessment results to be better?) mechanics. The extent of the consultants’ involvement depends entirely upon the unit/program’s desires and self-perceived needs. 

Who are Assessment Consultants? What can I expect?

Our Assessment Consultants are UST faculty and staff who are experienced and interested in assessment. They represent a variety of disciplines and programs here at UST. The Consultants can serve as a sounding board, help brainstorm ideas or options, and identify useful resources. They can talk through assessment problems and issues, offer feedback on assessment plans, and assist in interpreting results and closing the loop.

If your unit or program is interested in utilizing UST Assessment Consulting Services, you can contact Tonia Bock at at or 651-962-5038. Please be ready to share with her what aspect of assessment you’d like to discuss with the Assessment Consultants. Depending on the nature of your request, one, a pair, or a team of three consultants may work with you.

UST Assessment Consultants

Tonia Bock
Professor and Interim Department Chair of Psychology (undergraduate)

Daryl Coppoletti
Assistant Director, Standards and Assessment, Center for Global & Local Engagement

Cathy Cory
Associate Professor of Theology and Chair of the History Department

Erin Curran  
Associate Professor of Computer & Information Sciences 

Vern Klobassa 
Director of Communication and Training for Student Affairs  

Doug Orzolek
Associate Professor of Music Education and Director of Graduate Programs in Music Education  

Rich Sathe
Professor of Accounting

Jon Stoltz  
Associate Professor of Philosophy  

Darcy Turner
Instructional Technology (STELAR)