Assessment Resources

Looking for assessment tools, case studies and best practices? We assembled these articles to assist you in assessment of student learning.

AAHE 9 Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning
CHEA Statement of Mutual Responsibilities for Student Learning Outcomes

Association of American Colleges & Universities‌

AAC&U Accountability for Our Students Best Work
AAC&U Levels of Assessment: From the Student to the Institution
AAC&U VALUE Rubrics Case Studies
AAC&U‌ LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes

Higher Learning Commission
Collection of Papers on Assessment of Student Learning‌ (2014)
Collection of Papers on Assessment of Student Learning (2015) 
Collection of Papers on Assessment of Student Learning (2016)

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Library of Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) Assignments
Catalyzing Assignment Design Activity on Your Campus
What New Faculty Need To Know About Assessment
From Gathering to Using Assessment Results
All-in-One: Combining Grading, Course, Program, and General Education Outcomes
Three Promising Alternatives for Assessing College Students' Knowledge and Skill

National Resource Center
Typology of Instruments (Surveys & Placement/Academic Knowledge)

New Leadership Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability
Committing to Quality 
Assuring Quality

Association of College & Research Libraries
Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

Student Affairs Assessment
The Role of Student Affairs in Student Learning Assessment
Making Assessment Meaningful
Assessment Tips for Student Affairs Professionals
Assessment vs. Research Why We Should Care About The Difference
A Primer on the Validty of Assessment Instruments