Core Curriculum Committee

Purpose: to supervise the operation of the undergraduate core curriculum, to assess its effectiveness, and to provide a mechanism for change to the core. In accomplishing these, the Core Curriculum Committee will consult with departments, programs, and faculty who offer courses that fulfill core requirements.

The responsibilities of the Core Curriculum Committee are:

i. to oversee the operation of the core curriculum by:

a. addressing questions or issues about components of the core.
b. ensuring that a sufficient number of courses are offereed so that students can fulfill core requirements.
c. providing a central location and process for making decisions about transfer courses considered for core requirements.

ii. to supervise the ongoing assessment of the core curriculum by:

a. ascertaining that core courses fulfill the purposes of the core for which they have been approved by the faculty.
b. being responsible for the assessment of the core curriculum to determine if it is meeting its stated objectives.

iii. to serve as a mechanism for changes in the core curriculum by

a. proposing changes or adjustments to the core.
b. reviewing proposals from departments requesting that courses be approved as meeting core requirements. An exception is requests for courses to meet the human diversity requirement which would be reviewed by the Human Diversity Review Committee.
c. serving as an implementation committee to ensure that changes to the core are made smoothly.

Eleven total members including six elected full-time faculty members. The six would include: four faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences with one being drawn from each division within the college; one faculty member representing the Opus College of Business; and one faculty member drawn from a group comprising the three schools with undergraduate curricula: the School of Education, the School of Engineering, and the School of Social Work. The other five members would be: the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences or his/her designee, the chair of the Theology Department or his or her designee, the director of undergraduate academic affairs, the writing across the curriculum director, and the chair of the human diversity review committee.

The Core Curriculum Committee is a subcommittee of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Proposals from the Core Curriculum Committee are to be sent to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for approval.