Portrait of principal Latanya Daniels in her office at Richfield High School.

Graduate Programs from the School of Education

The School of Education offers graduate degrees, certificates and licensures, ideal for people interested in a career change, undergrads who want to deepen their knowledge, and education professionals ready to expand their leadership skills.

Our programs are accredited by the BOSA, PELSB, and HLC agencies, and are run by educators who impart a balance of practical, professional knowledge grounded in theory, with ideas you can apply to your own career goals.

Visit the School of Education website to find admission requirements and deadlines, costs and financial aid, and schedule a visit.

Education Programs Offered

  • Graduate Licensure
  • Master of Arts
  • Doctoral Programs
  • K-12 Administrative Leadership Degrees
  • Certificate
  • Master of Arts

    Teacher Education

    Each of our general teacher education licensure areas can be supplemented by 2-3 courses in order to obtain a Master of Arts in Education.

    Special Education

    With just 4 additional credits, our Special Education licensure programs can be supplemented to obtain a Master of Arts degree.

    Education Leadership