Transfer Students

For placement into language, Chemistry and Math courses, please contact Academic Counseling & Support for further instruction.

Do you need to petition a course for credit at UST? To determine who you should talk to, read the following carefully or ask an Academic Counselor.

  1. When your courses transferred to UST some of them may not have counted for credit where you feel they should have. For instance, you may have taken a biology course at your previous institution but when it transferred to UST it didn't count toward your lab science requirement. In this situation, you need to complete a transfer course petition form.  You can obtain this form by meeting with a counselor in the office of Academic Counseling.

  2. In some instances, you may have taken one or more courses within a category (like Human Diversity or Social Analysis) but the transfer classes weren't an exact match with courses that fulfill the requirement at UST. An example would be if you took an Anthropology course at another institution.  Since UST does not have an Anthropology department on campus, you would fill out the transfer course petition form to see if you can get credit for fulfilling the "spirit of the Human Diversity requirement." Another example of when you should use the petition would be if you took a sociology course and a political science course at another institution but neither matched a course here that fulfills the Social Analysis requirement. You would petition to get credit for satisfying the "spirit of the Social Analysis requirement." You can obtain this form by meeting with a counselor in the office of Academic Counseling.

  3. If there is a class within your major that did not come in as an exact match to a UST course, you can talk to the department chair in that area.  They will decide if it meets the class requirement for the major and make the appropriate substitutions.