Academic Success Seminar

The Academic Counseling Office has created a four part video version of the Academic Success Seminar. Below are links to each part of the video series. 

Study Skills

Academic Counseling & Support offers one-on-one appointments for study skills assistance on topics such as time management, motivation, college reading, and test preparation. We have also identified some resources on these topics that you may find useful.

Time Management

Weekly Schedule Use this schedule to identify your available study time. Start by filling in classes, work, clubs, and other commitments. Don't forget time to sleep & eat! Then note open blocks of time that you can use for study. Even a free half hour can be put to good use, and small chunks of time add up quickly - don't let those opportunities slip past!

Getting Back on Track: Use this list of helpful tips if you have fallen behind in any of your classes.

How to Prioritize Your Time: When it feels like you have more to do than there are hours in the day, start here. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, follow these steps to create a plan.

Study Tips and Strategies

The Cornell Method of note-taking. Particularly useful for classes with heavy notes and challenging exams.

Multiple choice test strategies

How to read difficult material

How to read with more speed